Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs Barrie

Owners and Contractors! Are you looking to get signage for your new plaza or change out an old pylon?

Provide your rendering and we will manufacture to your secifications.  Or…

QC Signworks Inc. offers a wide range of pylon structures and designs.  Let us design your  pylon sign.  There are endless possibilities for size, structure and design to compliment your building and location.  We ensure you or your tenants will have maximum visibility.

QC Signworks Inc. works with contractors, site superintendents, and Municipal Offices to ensure you have a problem free experience. We obtain  permits and inspections on your behalf.

We can add tops to existing pylons, or alter pylon sign boxes to accommodate any changes.  Adding a reader board or LED Message board to your existing pylon sign is a great way to provide new value to your sign. You can change messages, generate new advertising for you or your tenants, and draw in new customers to your location.

Whatever your requirements,  QC Signworks Inc. is sure to accomodate your every need. You ask and we will provide!

Get started today on your pylon project by giving us a call at 705-305-7541. We fabricate, ship and install anywhere across Canada!


  • Mazenga Building Group Ltd.

  • Holy Spirit Church

    LED Pylon Structure